Our practitioners all hold the appropriate level of qualifications. Training supports the raising of standards and awareness of children’s well-being and safeguarding within our care.  It is our policy to notice and act on matters of concerns and to work with the appropriate professions to obtain the best outcome for the child with the parent.

Please Note:

Safeguarding is a legal requirement which all staff must act on if they have any concerns about a child that implies a child is at risk of harm or harm is being caused.



Little Explorers Nursery has taken a Local Agreement, which states: ‘Little Explorers Nursery is committed to, equal opportunities to every child, to ensure all children have the supported opportunities to meet their full potential.’


To make sure that our provision meets the needs of each individual child, we take account of any special needs a child may have. We work to the requirements of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2001).